Innovative, directly imported special productions (no intermediate agents).

Quality inspections and support of factories and production on location.

Responsibility and trust based on top social standards of our factories (BSCI, Sedex, Fair Trade and others) and certificates for specific materials and products based on European Directives.

More than 100 innovative patented products ready for trade and promotions. Your customised special products may be based on patents (creating new property rights).

Exclusive developments: We have a large designer pool and will commission universities with the creation of design articles to suit the needs of your customers.

We have an in-house Innovations team to develop articles to your specification.

Commercial inspectorate: We have articles examined by the commercial inspectorate before starting with special productions.

Insurance: We have unusually high cover under public liability and extended product liability insurance.

Design, development and marketing cooperation with several German and international universities.

Renowned globally operating customers in trade and advertising as reference.

Full service: Packaging, storage, running of competitions; we will organise everything – from product development to delivery to the winners of promotions.

Detailed quotations and fast response to all your questions, thanks to excellent and personal contacts to our factories.

From idea to promotionally effective give-away – All under a single roof!

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Our strengths

  • More than 100 patented products
  • Innovations team and university cooperation
  • Directly imported special products
  • Top social and material standards
  • Excellent quality test system